The VEN ud på landet project aims to expand our understanding about what the communities outside of the city of Vejle have to offer, and what we could potentially contribute to them.

VEN ud på landet addresses two realities in our community:

  • the need to ensure that countryside communities continue to thrive and develop, while retaining their uniqueness;
  • the need for expats in Denmark to learn more about what these countryside communities potentially have to offer us.

This project aims to promote the good life that can be found in the rural areas within Vejle municipality, which include a variety of volunteer associations, nature, a unique cultural heritage, and the energy and commitment of the locals themselves.

This project was born out of a need to help us help ourselves feel at home in Vejle municipality, with the goal of creating opportunities to network both socially and professionally with Vejle’s rural communities.

The majority of the members of our network move to Denmark because of a dream job they have been offered at one of the big multinational companies in the area. However, it often can be particularly difficult for their accompanying partners to build both professional and social networks.

At the same time, Danes who want to help can find it difficult to find a way to get in contact with foreign newcomers. Studies show that a large part of the expats who leave Denmark do so because their families cannot adapt well to the new living situation. Often, their partner cannot find work, or has difficulty building a social network and integrating into the new local community.

VEN ud på landet brings together countryside communities and expats to get to know one another at the grassroots level. We do this by arranging day trips to various communities in Vejle municipality, working together with local councils and stakeholders. We aim to find out about both their social and professional infrastructure.

Our growing international community includes many highly educated and talented individuals who bring with them skills and experience that could potentially benefit these communities.

The pride of living in the countryside is based on trust and cooperation, pride in the local community, and commitment to ongoing community building. VEN ud på landet aims to introduce expats to the many possibilities of what countryside life has to offer, both socially and professionally.

This project, in close cooperation with local councils and other stakeholders, aims to develop new initiatives.

If you are interested in learning more, or would like to participate in this project, please contact Dana Cernat, Project Development, Engineering & Environment at or Luiza Onciu – Papara at

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