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Many internationals often wonder, “How and where do I meet the Danes?”

Social life in Denmark is often centered on participating as a member of a volunteer association. Denmark has a wide range of associations that no doubt will cover most, if not all of the interests, which include sports, nature, culture, and other specialized interests.

The event aimed at sharing relevant aspects of the Danish culture – as the association life and increase the expats network with Danish contacts from several associations.

The day started with a potluck lunch where the participants brought national dishes, continued by a presentation with the topic of the benefits of becoming an association member. The speaker was Fouzi Abdelrazik, the general secretary of Team Succes.

More than 35 expats were presents plus a number of 12 association representatives from different areas, such as: dance, music, theater, sport, sustainability, volunteering, integration, personal development. The result was that several expats have become members of an association.


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