Situated just 19 minutes from Vejle, Egtved and the surrounding area is home to 3559 inhabitants. (2015)

The locals are proud of their town, their history, commercial life and each other.  Egtved is surrounded by beautiful nature areas that, among other attractions, also includes the area’s archaeological trademark, the famous Egtved girl.

Association life flourishes here, and all collaborate. As Karen, a local, says “When we organise something in Egtved, all of the associations work together.”

Heidi, another local, says “One of the events that brings all the local together, close to the camping area, is Music by the lake.” This lively atmosphere makes Egtved a great area to visit.

[Source: Hver landsby, sit DNA, Vejle Kommune, 2016.]

If you are an entrepreneur and you look for a place to rent, for your business, VEN recommends you to check:

Roberthus (information in Danish) a development park for diferrent businisses, on Egtved.


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