Jelling town counts 3.383 inhabitants. (2015)

It takes only 13 minutes driving from Vejle to Jelling.

The sparkling joy of music spreads from the festival square. The Jelling music festival brings great cohesion and is one of the city’s many unifying forces. The Byens Hus represends city’s everyday  life,  with the library, the cinema, the cafe and Borgerservice (citzens service). Jelling is today an open and modern city, which contains many strong stories, ranging from the study environment for teacher education to the history of Harald Bluetooth’s magnificent monument area.

” Jelling won our hearts. Vi work both that the town is a lovely place to live or visit, and the vikings market is for us the years most expected event. For tourists is fantastic to be able to come closer to history, to smell the fire, meet the vikings and taste the past” says Dorthe Kirstine og Bjarne, owner of Jelling Inn (Jelling Kro).

[Source: Hver landsby, sit DNA, Vejle Kommune, 2016.]

If you are passioned of history and in search of the best local products and concepts, VEN reccomends you to visit (some of the informations are in Danish, but the article can be a starting point for your next trip):

Jelling Monuments – here you can see the Jelling stones/ the birth place of Denmark.

Kongernes Jelling – Home of the Viking Kings – Jeling Museum

Cafe Sejd – vikings cafe, here you can try viking’s tapas and hear stories of the Nordic mythology.

Vikings marked – here you can go back in time and live as the vikings.

Jelling Festival – here you can find good music and amazing atmosphere.

Byens Hus – here you can find the city’s cinema, library, cafe house, a brewery and so many other activities.

Water ducts – playing place for kids.



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