Nørup and the surrounding area has 1588 inhabitants and is situated only 20 minutes west from Vejle. Here, you can visit Nørup Mejeri and buy locally made cheeses. Engelsholm castle, which is home to a ‘højeskole’ is located on a lake and the there are many paths to explore in the surrounding nature.

“We have many farm shops and in the summer it is wonderful to have new potatoes and fresh strawberries.  It is a pleasure to live in an area where the local products are important,” says Erik from the Local Council.

What mesmerized Marianne, a newcomer in the area, is the beautiful landscape “up close to the church with the view of the lake and the castle”.  Marianne also thinks that “the beauty of the area can be seen by how school life impacts the town’s cultural atmosphere.”

[Source: Hver landsby, sit DNA, Vejle Kommune, 2016.]

This is what the local residents have to say about their area, but you have to check it out for yourself. VEN recommends that you visit the following places if you are interested in nature, history, and locally made products.

The Firehøje portal lists the town’s information, activities, and events.

A small part of the area’s history – Engelsholm castle.

Local producer –  Nørup diary and cheese factory.

Local producer – Cow farm – Niels Henrik Keinicke, Bredstenvej 37, 7182 Bredsten, phone number 40 82 98 18.

Photo credit: Agris Jurjans. 

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