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Yesterday, January 25, VEN visited Roberthus in Egtved. Roberthus provides a growing development and innovation environment for entrepreneurs and people who work in the fields of different businesses. Our hosts Hanne, Noa, Martin and Erik together with Jane from the Kultur Detektiven and Muhsin who helps internationals in growing their business ideas, gave a presentation on the Danish Labour market. If we have to sum up the night, we could say that the key to finding a job or developing your own company is to network, to make yourself visible by being active in both different professional communities and also in various associations.

The participants exchanged contacts and even received a passport for visiting the Danish islands. You can find out more about the island pass here .

The evening started with a short tour of Roberthus — we even found out who Robert was. And we ended the evening with two presentations about AKTIVerhverv (an active network focusing on bringing businesses together and sharing knowledge of the area’s resources and competencies) and the importance of understanding each others’ cultures in a presentation provided by Kultur Detektiven.

VEN would like to thank to all of  the participants for your interest and enthusiasm and to all who made this event possible: Erik Jensen, EJ consultancy,  Martin H. Lund, veterinarian and chairperson for AktivErhverv, Noa Jankovic, head of office National rural council, Hanne W. Tanvig, senior consultant Copenhagen University, Jane Elgård Petersen, founder of Kultur Detektiven, and Muhsin Turkyilmaz, Ethnic Business consultant.

Thank you Iulia’s kitchen for catering. (This catering company is owned by an international couple)



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