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On October 13, VEN members participated to the very last trip, under the project “VEN ud på landet”, to Farre.

Last Saturday, all the 30 participants, enjoyed together with the VEN association, the Indian summer here in Denmark. We gathered from 9:30 at Vejle Library for a short presentation about what “VEN ud på landet” project ment to expats and how it helped in the building and the development of Vejle Expat Network, as an association. Under the project, 14 events were created, where the expats not only that visited different towns in Vejle Municipality but also learned about the Danish culture. The most important learning was about the association life and how to co-create, events with different actors in the municipality. As to name a few: election info event, Folkemøde 2018- culture bazar, Resilience week 2017 – culture festival, associations market, housing in Denmark info event, Christmas and Easter celebration at Sofiegården.

VEN not only developed as an association but managed to involve the expats in the local democracy. Several parnerships have been created, with City Vejle, the Indian Association of Denmark, Sofiegården, ViFin, Vejle Kommune just to mention a few.

We continued the event to Fary Lochan Distillery in Farre. We started with a deliciouse tapas from the local butcher, Aalbæk. We had the chance to try form a wide range of snaps and fruit liqueur. We continued the day with a tour of the distillery following the production process stages. We ended the tour with a whiskey tasting.

It has been a full year and a half, and for Vejle Expat Network association it is just the begining. Thank you for beeing part of the project and  please follow VEN on social media platforms, because there is more to come.

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