Only a 20 minute drive north from Vejle, the Vonge and Kollemorten area is home to 959 habitants (2015). Vonge and Kollemorten are a delightful duo; the two towns are a brilliant example of how by coordinating their efforts together, they are stronger. The school is situated in Vonge, and the nursery is situated in Kollemorten. Both cities have shops that sell high-quality, local products that also serve as meeting places for the local residents.

The harvest festival creates a special atmosphere, where people create their own costumes and parade on the street, as well as have the opportunity to vote for the best costume. “Last year a group was costumed as Vikings, and they had a huge viking ship with a fire-breathing head and everything,” say Nadia and Mikael. That is how the local residents promote their area, but you have to see it for yourself.

[Source: Hver landsby, sit DNA, Vejle Kommune, 2016.]

If you are interested in nature and history, VEN recommends that you read the following information.

A beautiful nature area – Gudenåens Kilder – Vandskellet 8, 7173 Vonge.

Øster Nykirke – Hærvejen 309, 7323 Give.

Cabins at Hærvejscentret – you can book one of the cabins – here.

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